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ReLI is an educational, research, and consulting 501(c)(3) non-profit that catalyzes shifts towards thrivability in human + more-than-human communities from the scale of individuals to neighborhoods to regions globally. We co-create interconnected living + learning educational, research, and catalyzation centers for community-based, regionally-scalable regenerative development, design, and living. Regenerative entails developing capacities in whole living systems so that all life continually increases in health, well-being, and vitality.

ReLI works to catalyze thrivability through SIX overarching, interconnected initiatives

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regenerative living+learning communities

Co-creating and catalyzing communities in which all life thrives and is progressing toward ever greater health and wellbeing. Each community serves as a living + learning laboratory and catalyzation center, with bioregional hubs, so we can continuously improve how we live.



Supporting farms, food systems, communities, and individuals in using food as a nodal leverage point to catalyze thrivability.

regenerative education

Developing the innate potential and capabilities of individuals and communities to express their unique potential and serve their larger communities, the planet, and, in the process, themselves.

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regenerative certification

Pioneering certification processes for regenerative development practitioners and projects of all types—communities, farms, sites, cities, regions, educational programs, businesses, and more.


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Solar Panel
regenerative research

Conducting cutting-edge research to support effective local to global shifts toward regeneration

regenerative networks

Co-creating and supporting local, bioregional, and global networks to catalyze regeneration.



Humans are a catalyst for all life to thrive.


Catalyze shifts towards thrivability in communities from the scale of individuals to neighborhoods to regions, globally.


Co-create a global network of living + learning communities, centers, and projects that research, support, implement, and teach locally-specific and locally-adapted regenerative living practices as well as support the shift in consciousness necessary to support regenerative transformations.


Integrate different ways of knowing—such as science, practice, indigenous knowledge, spiritual knowledge—learning, and being in the world through education, engaged research, designed experiments, networked regenerative communities and projects, and consulting.


Establish regional Regenerative Living Centers that network activities within and between their bioregions to support shifts towards bioregional and global community-based regenerative living.

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