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Regenerative agriculture & food systems


Catalyzing thriving individuals, communities, and bioregions through food as a nodal leverage point for systemic thrivability.

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We offer consulting, training, certifications, internships, and development support to regenerative agriculture and food systems initiatives, as well as individuals, that wish to help their communities become more vital, healthy, and thriving.

Regenerative agriculture is being showcased everywhere. But is it being held to the highest standard possible?

Regenerative agriculture and food systems have powerful potential to catalyze regenerative communities and bioregions, if done in alignment with regenerative principles and processes.

At Regenerative Living Institute, we describe regenerative agriculture as agriculture that increases the health of entire living systems through agriculture as a nodal intervention point. We implement the Regenerative Community Development Framework and Evaluation Criteria to guide agriculture and food systems initiatives.


Principles of Regenerative Agriculture include:

  • Working with wholes, not parts

  • Increasing soil health and fertility

  • Progressively improving whole agroecosystems (ecological, social, and cultural components)

  • Connect the farm to its larger agroecosystem, community, and bioregion

  • Create context-specific designs and make holistic decisions that express the essence of each farm

  • Express the unique irreplaceable essence of each person, farm and place

  • Make holistic decisions aimed at specific systems change

  • Subsidiarity—localize as much as possible

  • Ensure and develop just and reciprocal relationships amongst all stakeholders

  • Grow the six capitals (human, social, natural, built, financial, spiritual)

  • Design for non-linear, multi-capital reciprocity

  • Continually grow and evolve individuals, farms, and communities to express their innate potential

  • Continually evolve agroecological processes and cultures

  • Agriculture shifts the world

Regenerative Food Systems increase the health of entire living systems through food as a nodal intervention point.

The principles include those for from the Regenerative Community Development Framework, Regenerative Agriculture (above) and more since food systems involve nearly every aspect of our lives.

Reach out to find out how you can support thrivability through Regenerative Agriculture & Food Systems!

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