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ReLI pioneers certification processes for regenerative development projects of all types—sites, communities, cities, regions, educational programs, businesses, and more. Certification processes offer guidance to help projects be regenerative at every step of their unfoldment, from inception through occupancy and living into the future. The certification process addresses the social and ecological components and interbeing of living systems in a way that develops the capacities of those systems to continually increase in health and wellbeing and manifest thrivability.

Life exists as nested and networked communities of communities. Therefore, ReLI implements the first and only Regenerative Community Development (RCD) Framework© and Regenerative Development Certification system, developed by our Founder, Dr. Leah Gibbons, after decades of experience and research into what factors are necessary for shifts toward holistically thriving living systems. The RCD Framework and Certification provide structures for the process, co-creation, and continual evolution of thriving communities of human + more-than-human life. It helps develop the consciousness, thinking, and values necessary for regenerative communities while also developing the social and ecological systems necessary. Further, it provides a way to evaluate whether and to what extent projects and initiatives are regenerative, how they can become more regenerative, and what supporting and impeding factors are present and need to shift.

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Connect with us to find out how your project can follow a regenerative path and become Certified Regenerative!

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