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regenerative education

Regenerative education develops the innate capacities and capabilities of individuals and communities to express their unique potential and serve their larger communities, the planet, and, in the process, themselves. To create a regenerative culture, we need regenerative education. Regenerative education nurtures the skills, capabilities, knowledge, values, and ways of thinking and being necessary for thriving communities. It nurtures the inner and the outer life of individuals, communities, and societies.

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Community Gardening

Regenerative Education aims to:

  • Progressively improve the whole individual (body, mind, and spirit)

  • Express the essence of the individual and the learner’s innate potential embedded in the larger reality they inhabit

  •  Continually cultivate just and reciprocal relationships with other individuals, communities and nature

  • Honor the interconnected and mutually influential relationship between people and the ecosystem where they live

  • Promote justice, equity, compassion and cooperation

  • Honor the uniqueness and expression of each person

  • Look to the past and the future, our elders and our youth, for wisdom in order to bridge the inter-generational gap

  • Look to uplift every person in order to create conditions for “peace and prosperity” for everyone.

  • Reward diversity, inclusivity, generosity, creativity, innovation and the fruits of our collective intelligence

  •  Understand that life is iterative and ever-changing, that change is the only constant, that evolution has gotten us where we are today (articulate by Gaia Education)

We offer educational classes, programs, certifications, and systems to support holistic transformation toward regeneration. Educational programs include:

  • Regenerative Community Development and Design

  • Regenerative Leadership

  • Natural Building

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • Permaculture

  • Regenerative Food Systems

  • Regeneration of Landscapes

  • Regenerative Cultures

  • Indigenous Permaculture

  • Mycology

  • Holistic Health and Healing

  • Urban Farming

  • Microgreens Production

  • Nature-Based Rituals

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Certificates :

Check back as we continue to expand our offerings!


We are developing Master’s programs in Regenerative Community Development, Regenerative Leadership, Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems, and more!


We are also co-creating complete pre K-12 regenerative schools as well as a multiple-campus micro-university focusing on regenerative living science and skills. These educational initiatives will be integrated with our Living-Learning communities so students will experience what regenerative living is about and gain practical experience in co-creating regenerative communities and cultures.

Reach out if you would like to support our work or attend our classes, trainings, or schools.

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