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regenerative living+learning communities

Educational, research, and catalyzation centers for community-based, regionally-scalable regenerative development, design, and living.

ReLI co-creates and catalyzes communities in which all life thrives and is progressing toward ever greater health and wellbeing. Each community serves as a living + learning laboratory and catalyzation center so we can continuously improve how we live.

Catalyzation centers exemplify, host, and implement all of our other initiatives as well as acting as catalysts for individual, community, local, regional, and global regenerative transformation.

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Life is structured as communities of communities. By “community,” we mean a biogeocultural living system of strong relationships and flows. Working at the community scale is effective and catalyzes change upscale—to cities, regions, and beyond—as well as downscale, to smaller organizations and individuals. Each community we co-create and support is a living + learning laboratory that serves to increase our understanding about what does and does not work in co-creating regenerative living systems so that we can improve continously our approach and implementation.

ReLI is actively working to create bioregional Regenerative Living Hubs as one type of living + learning community to catalyze change throughout bioregions and link them for larger-scale regenerative transformation. We are also working to co-create regenerative communities of all types at all scales.

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To guide regenerative community co-creation, ReLI implements the first and only Regenerative Community Development (RCD) Framework and Regenerative Development Certification system, developed by our Founder, Dr. Leah Gibbons, after decades of experience and research into what factors are necessary for shifts toward holistically thriving living systems. The RCD Framework and Certification provide structures for the process, co-creation, and continual evolution of thriving communities of human + more-than-human life. It helps develop the consciousness, thinking, and values necessary for regenerative communities while also developing the social and ecological systems necessary. Further, it provides a way to evaluate whether and to what extent projects and initiatives are regenerative.

We work in existing, developing, and new communities. Connect with us to find out how to be part of the most (re)evolutionary shift occurring in the world. We need everyone to be the change!

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